Brie with Truffles French Cheese Whole Wheel 7 Lb

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Brie with Truffles is a soft, truffle-infused, cow's milk cheese named after Brie, the region in France it originated from. This Brie with Truffles comes 3/4 ripened so that the aromas and truffle shavings diffuse slowly throughout the cheese. It has a buttery flavor, creamy texture, and smells fresh with the aroma of black summer truffle shavings. This brie is creamy, supple, and flavorful, with the traditional moldy rind. It is the best example of a soft-ripened or bloomy rind cheese, as the unique cultures begin on the exterior of the cheese, ripening inward and presenting themselves in the soft, white surface mold for which the cheese is notorious. Truffle brie pairs well with a full bodied red wine. It is the original recipe of Maison de la Truffe. Whole uncut wheel, 11 lb.