Italian Cheese Fontina Val d'Aosta 1 lb.

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Fontina Val d'Aosta - cow's raw milk fondue cheese. 1 lb/454 gr, Italy. Firm, thin, dark yellow or reddish-brown in color. Genuine Italian Fontina comes only from the Val d'Aosta mountains near the Swiss border. Made from unpastuerized raw milk, it is a pressed, cooked medium-ripened hard cheese with a delicate, nutty, almost honeyed flavor, somewhat like a Swiss Gruyere but more buttery and sweeter. Great in fondues. Taste: A delicate nuttiness with a hint of mild honey. When melted, the flavor is earthy, with a suggestion of mushrooms and a fresh acidity. Appropriate wines: Friuli Merlot; German Riesling; Dolcetto; Red & White Rhones; Urquell Pilsner. Compliments: This cheese goes well cooking fondue and melts well for pastas. Can also be enjoyed as a table cheese.