CAVIAR: Osetra Russian Karat Gold - Farmed

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Osetra Karat Caviar ‘Malossol’ Pure Gold Color. Quality, Uniqueness, Purity are some characteristics of this 100% Pure Russian Osetra Caviar from the Russian sturgeon, also known as the diamond sturgeon or Danube sturgeon. Karat Caviar is produced by Caviar Galilee Farm, one of the most established fish farms in Israel and a pioneer of ecological preservation in the field of aquaculture since 1939. Using eggs from Russian Osetra that were brought from the historic Caspian Sea to the Israeli Galilee Caviar farm in 1992; Karat Gold caviar is a product that is unsurpassed in color, size and robust flavor. It has the same coveted qualities of wild harvested royal Russian Osetra: Color from amber to golden yellow, firm texture, the classic “nutty” flavor, hint of sea salt, lingering creamy finish.


Species: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii